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Olive Oil Production

How is cold pressed olive oil obtained?

Olive oil is the juice extracted by squeezing a fruit that comes to our table without any treatment and is actually the juice of olives.

Hand-picked olives are sent to squeezing and washed. The cleaned olives are brought to the cold-pressed band by means of a band. After that the blocks start to crush the olives and the adventure of the oil begins.

The most striking aspect of cold pressed olive oil is that it is prepared without heat treatment. Because heat-treated oil loses its vitamins and minerals.

October, November and December are the harvest seasons for olive trees. Grains that have started to mature and olives that are carefully collected are sent to squeezing.

Olive oil obtained from the collection of unripe olives is called “Early Harvest Olive Oil”.

Even though the olive pulp, which starts to leave its oil by crushing with blocks, separates from the oil, there are olive particles in the oil that comes out, so filtration is done after the squeezing process is finished. There are olive oils that are used without filtering, and this olive oil is called "Unfiltered Olive Oil".

Olive Oil Production
Olive Oil Production

It is the most important proof that olive oil does not contain additives if it freezes below 6 °C and not deteriorate when thawed. Quality classification is made for olive oils according to their acidity. Many factors such as the characteristics of the soil where the olive tree is located, precipitation regime, collection forms, fertilization and agricultural tools used are effective on the acidity of olive oil. Olive oil, which is low in acid, burns the throat slightly, but it is the oil that is richest in vitamins and minerals.

Oils with an acidity of less than 1 come to our table as the highest quality oils. The higher the acid ratio, the lower the quality ratio. After the oils are stored in a certain order according to their acids, they are packaged in various ways and take their places on the shelf. The acid ratio of Riccolivo oils is between 0.3-0.8 and is in the status of the highest quality Extra Virgin olive oil.

The olive tree, which can survive even in difficult conditions, is resistant to weather change and wind, is a long-lived tree. So much so that they can live for 2000 years. Olive trees, which require much less maintenance than many other fruit trees, do very well even with very little care. Substances such as fertilizing, pruning, irrigation, pest control, tillage and harvesting are the most important steps in tree care.