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Arnas family has a history of 350 years. The family is originated from the old Botan of the “Botan” region consisting of current Southeastern Turkish cities of Shirnak, Siirt, Batman, and Eastern Mardin.

Arnas family has been growing with the crops of the soil, trees, and vineyards for more than 350 years and they carry their 350 years of experience to today. They understood the importance of earth for humans and humankind, never drifted away from their ancestors’ traditions and showed the earth necessary importance and respect.

Riccolivo Olive Oils come from the foothills of the Kaz Mountains in the Aegean region, one of the regions of the world with the highest oxygen levels. This region has rich and fertile soils by the courtesy of sea breezes with high iodine levels.

Undying Trees

Kaz Mountains, with its rich lands and beauties, has been the home for various civilizations throughout the history. This region is known as Ida in mythology. Ganymedes, the son of then-Trojan King, was enchanted by Zeus on Kaz Mountains for eternal youth. Ida thus became the symbol for youth and beauty.

Kaz Mountains has the ideal weather conditions for human life with its current climate structure and ecosystem, as it was told in mythology. The region is well-known for the lands that grow its own delicious olives.

Edremit and Ayvalık cities located on the foothills of Kaz Mountains have been famous for being marvelously suitable for olive growing for thousands of years, as it can be seen from archaeological researches.

Olive trees are also known as “undying trees” because they have the ability to constantly rejuvenate themselves and live for hundreds of years when provided the appropriate conditions and necessary nurturing.

These lands have olive trees that are more than a hundred years old on them and olive oil production has always been one of the main sources of existence. The secret of the region’s olive oil stems from low acidity levels and exquisite taste of the region’s olives.

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