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History of the Olive

“The olive tree is the first of all trees”

“Olea prima omnium arborum est.”

Mankind has given great importance to olives and olive oil since ancient times. The olive and its tree have been the source of many legends, and their names have been repeatedly mentioned in all the holy books. It is thought that olive cultivation has been done since the first people and it is said that “the olive tree is the first of all trees” (olea prima omnium arborum est).

Athena Athena, who gifted the olive tree to humanity in mythology

It is the symbol of abundance, justice, health, peace, victory, pride, wisdom, intelligence, immortality, purification and rebirth.

It is the gift of the Athena to humanity. According to the legend, the first king of Athens, Kekrops-I, built a beautiful city on top of a hill. He looks at the city and decides that the city must have a guardian god.

Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Athena, the goddess of wisdom, aspired to be the patron deity of the city.

Both gods will give an important gift to King Kekrops and the citizens of the city, and according to the gift given, the people of the city will decide which god will be the protector of the city.

Poseidon climbs to the highest point of the hill and strikes his trident on a rock.

A huge rift was opened in the rock, and water began to flow from this rift. The public gets excited first; however, they quickly discover that the water is salty, as Poseidon is the ruler of the seas.

Athena later takes Poseidon's place. He thrusts his spear into the ground, and a sprout emerges from the ground where the spear is pierced, and it grows into a beautiful olive tree.

Athena says that this plant is a balm that will heal the wounds of humanity, a delicious food and a flame to light the darkness. The city and the king have made their decision. Athena becomes the protector of the newly founded city.

All gods admire this tree. All congratulate Athena, now the city belongs to her. The name of the city will be called Athens from now on.

OLD AS HUMANITY The Symbol of Hope and Peace

Olive has an important place in the history of divine religions as well as mythology.

One of the legends in the Old Testament speaks of the Prophet Noah and the great flood. Seeing that the son of man he created is spreading evil seeds on the earth, God decides to punish him with a flood.

God commands the Prophet Noah to build an ark and take two of each pair of animals, male and female, and embark with those who believe in him.

Then the great flood begins. Except for the Prophet Noah and the creatures in his ark, everything living on earth is wiped out.

When the flood stopped, Prophet Noah released a dove from the window of the ship to see if the waters had subsided. The pigeon returns to the ship because the waters are not receding.

Prophet Noah released the dove again seven days later. This time the pigeon comes with a freshly plucked olive leaf in its mouth.

Then Noah realizes that the waters have receded from the earth. The dove holding an olive leaf in its mouth has been a symbol of hope and peace ever since.