Delivery, Cancel, Change and Return Conditions

1. Delivery and Shipment

Orders that you have submitted via www.riccolivo.com and by 15:00 pm after you receive confirmation mail will be prepared and shipped within 1 business day.

During the campaign period, the delivery period of the cargo is determined as 3 working days.

Your order will be shipped to the shipping address that you specify on the order form, along with the invoice.

In the course of delivery, the cargo officer will deliver the order after seeing the credit card used in the order and/or the identity card for signature.

Open the product package next to the cargo officer and check your order.

Packages that are damaged or missing products should not be accepted and cargo officer should prepare “Fact-Finding Report” at that moment.
If the shipping company officer thinks that the package is not damaged, you have the right to ask to open the package with the officer and to check that the products are delivered without damage. You can also ask a report that explains the situation.

If you think there is an error or find out and deficiency you can contact us via Customer Service number  +90 850 226 93 74. You will be assisted as soon as possible.

If you or anybody who is convenient to receive your delivery cannot be found at the address that you indicate by your order, the cargo officer will leave a visit note to your address.

If you call the phone number indicated on the visit note within three days, the delivery will be sent to the same address charged for a fee. Otherwise, you can call the “www.riccolivo.com” Customer Service at +90 850 226 93 74 and ask for the delivery by learning the delivery status.
“www.riccolivo.com” responsibility for any product ends by delivering to the shipment company.

“www.riccolivo.com” is not also responsible for the delay or the delivery of defective goods caused by the cargo company.

Damage, delay, opened the package, etc. caused by shipment company should immediately be reported with all detailed complaints to “www.riccolivo.com” (on the same day and/or the next day of delivery).

Complaints sent within the same day or next day of delivery will be evaluated for the customer delight. “www.riccolivo.com” will not be responsible for malicious, unexplained and late notices.

2. Cancellation of the Order

You may return the products you have purchased without destroying or using the product with or without cause.

Ripped, opened and used products will not be returned in terms of health and hygiene.

You can cancel your order, which has been purchased but not shipped yet by contacting us via e-mail or telephone channel.

If you would like to cancel your order before shipment, you can contact us by calling our Customer Service at +90 850 226 93 74.

3. Replacement of the Order

The ordered product can be changed (After the payment is made if there is an additional cost) by mail or telephone channel with the whole information of the order.

The product will not be replaced if the shipment has been started or realized.

4. Return Conditions

Right to withdraw is the right of the customer who wants to give up to use the purchased and delivered the product without any justification.

However, it is not possible the withdraw for the product with opened protective elements such as packaging, band, or package, in terms of health and hygiene.

You can use your right to return withdrawal for each product you purchase through www.riccolivo.com within 30 days on condition that you pay for return shipment. (ARNAS TARIM URETIM VE TIC. A.S. Kosuyolu Mah. Cenap Sahabettin Sk. No: 26 Kadikoy / Istanbul / Turkey 34718 T: +90 850 226 93 74)

The amount you pay for the product that you return within thirty days without opening the package or security band will be refunded in accordance with the payment instrument that you used for the order.

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